The suburb of Oranjezicht can be found in the sought after area on the foothills of table Mountain. The suburb has its origins in history, being built on the site of the old farm, also known as Oranjezicht Farm. The farm played an important role in providing the Castle of Good Hope with fresh supplies of fruits and vegetables. The farm was established in the 18th century and remained a working farm for over 200 years later. The old Farm House used to be on a piece of land east of what is today a playground for the kids and Public Park.  The only remnants of the original farm are the old slave bell as well as a few old buildings.

The area today is an upmarket suburb in Cape Town; many of the buildings in the suburb still display the beautiful Victorian style architecture. The suburb can be found just above Kloof Street and Buitenkant Street separates it from the suburb of Vredehoek. The houses in the area are large and have some of the best views in Cape Town. The suburb is conveniently close to shopping centres and the CBD as well as the Table Mountain Cableway. Not too far away residents and locals can find their way to the best beaches in Cape Town.

Visitors to the area should make a special trip to have a look around the Orajezicht City Farm; this is a community and non-profit project, which provides fresh local food in Cape Town. The farm also provides education to visitor’s about how to make a success out of urban farming.