District Six

The District Six area can be found at the base of the beautiful Table Mountain, located only a short distance from the city center itself. The neighborhood and its people have had a very difficult past, their homes were bulldozed and residents were removed by the apartheid Government. The only reason for this action was due to the injudicious segregation policy, of the Government.

During the time that followed there was a lot of pressure on the Government from both local and International sources, all against the treatment of the residents and the plans for the area. The land remained empty and the plans of the apartheid government were never completed.

After the fall of the Apartheid Government, the new South African Government acknowledged the claims to land of the previous residents. The Government also promised to aid in the rebuilding of the area. In 2003 the first houses were being built and in 2004 the first families were handed keys to their new homes in Chapel Street. The future for the area sees many more homes being built for the return of residents from the Cape Flats.

At the centre of District Six, you will find the District 6 Museum, a National Heritage Site. The Museum has information and exhibitions and serves to keep the memories of that dark time in history alive. The museum also acts as a memorial for the affected community and serves as a community centre for those affected by the events in the past.